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Outdoor workout: just me & a bench



Good Morning Fit Friends
As the weather improves we migrate towards outdoor activities! As Chicagoans we celebrate every warm sunny day as if it were our last… and lets face it, you never know if it will rain, or snow, or sleet so you have to take advantage! I got out to do my first real outdoor strength training workout yesterday. It felt great to work outside and all I used was my body weight and a park bench! I did 2 sets of 10-12 reps of each exercise! Check it out!

Split Lunge


Make sure your knee stays over your ankle as you drop your back knee towards the ground. Keep the shoulders over the hips and core tight to maintain balance!

Decline Push-up

Hands are just wider than shoulders. Keep thighs, core and butt tight as you bend the elbows to lower towards the ground. Maintain your straight body position as you push back up and at the top pull one knee in between elbows. Repeat using alternating legs!

Bench V Crunch

20130515-063256.jpgHips toward the front of the bench. Squeeze the legs together as you lift the knees toward the shoulders. Drop feet toward the floor on your inhale while maintaining a tight core and not arching the back. Exhale to crunch and lift the legs to the starting position!

Step Up

With one foot staying on the bench, push thought the heel to stand on top. Slowly lower yourself back to starting position and land softly!

Triceps Dip

Sitting on the edge of the bench, fingers face forward, and arms are straight. Slide hips off the bench and start to lower body to floor until elbows bend to a 90 degree angle! Exhale to push up to the starting position!

Why this Rocks?!

Outdoor workouts are great… No gym or equipment is required .. Just you! Plus you can catch some rays, people watch and get a killer bod at the same time! Staying fit outside is not just fun and active, but also its FREE! You can’t be free am I right?! So soak up that vitamin D and get your workout on!! That’s pretty rockin’!! Xoxo Ss



Living Your Fitness: physical activity



Hi Fit Friends

Recently, I was thinking about how we go through our lives. Everyday we wake up and do any number of things ( go to work, school, travel, run errands, make appointments,etc)! So many things to do, but, there are only so many hours in the day right ?
Right! So, how do we “fit” the fitness in??
Incorporate it in your day!

Schedule it: if you can consistently keep your workout time in your calendar you are more likely to get your workout in. Where can you fit in an hour? 30 minutes? 15 minutes? I like to encourage my clients to make it a part of their life just like brushing your hair or taking a shower … its just something you do.
Does that mean you have to go to a gym?? NO WAY! You can workout in your own home (videos, DVD, wii fitness games, yoga, calisthenics, etc).
I love to encourage participation in a group setting, whether a class or sport, groups keep people positively accountable because when you don’t show up other participants notice “missed you last week!” I don’t know how many times I have members tell me their vacation plans because they don’t want me to wonder why they weren’t in class! And you know what?! I LOVE IT! Plus, isn’t it fun to have fit friends who miss you and want to see your beautiful face?!


Use every opportunity to stay active in your everyday!
– Take the stairs
– Deliver in-office emails in person,
– Park further away and walk
– Take a walk during lunch or after dinner with friends, your spouse, or family!
– keep walking til the bus catches up with you rather than wait at the bus stop
– when you walk the dog add in bursts of speed to challenge yourself
– play a rowdy game of tag (or whatever) with your kids

These are just a few activities that can help you keep a fit lifestyle while still living your life. Which activities you choose is up to you … Find something that suits you, challenges you or that you enjoy and you are more likely to stick with it! Small life changes can make a BIG difference! Keep going, keep moving, keep Rockin’ on!!

Circus Practice!



Hi Fit Friends
I try many different types of exercise because I love to challenge myself and see what I can achieve with my body! As some of you know I started taking aerial arts classes at The Actors Gymnasium almost 3 years ago! Now I practice my skills numerous times weekly and perform on occasion! Here is some video of my recent practices!

Why This Rocks?!
Because … Well.. Circus is awesome… And hard! Like the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ and I am practicing my butt off !!

Tales of a Zumba ® Instructor: The Clothes



20130307-190225.jpgHi Fit Friends

As you probably know I’m a Zumba® Fitness Instructor! Every week I teach my classes and give my students a safe and effective workout with this amazingly fun format! I LOVE to dance and inspire people to a healthier them..but secretly, or not so secretly,one of my favorite things about this format is the clothes…. Aaaaaahh! There…I said it. I am a Zumba shopaholic ! I love it .. The colors, the style, altering the clothes. It is just so fun and funky and can make the class that much more fun! Take a look at some of my in class fashions!









Why it Rocks?!
Because Zumba® Fitness is all about the party and the party starts here! While its not necessary to wear the clothes to have a great time; it enhances the party atmosphere with fun, colorful, and creative outfits for both the student and instructor!

Want your OWN Zumbawear™? Go to http://www.zumba.com/shop and save 10% when you use my code SYMPHSAVES !!

You can see more pics if you follow me on instagram (@symphomaniac), Facebook, or twitter @symphonysanders

New Workout Skirt!



Holy Retail Therapy Fit Friends
I was walking through target the other day and I saw the cutest workout skirts! In fun colors and contrasting shorts and the skirt was flouncy and I liked how forgiving it would be on the tush and thighs! Here’s the kicker I happened to see these awesome skirts in the GIRLS section …Le sigh… I am not ashamed to admit it … I am a small person (a triumphant 5’2″and a 1/2 thank YOU!) and sometimes if I get a kids large it will fit like a dream. For the reduced cost I say I’m getting the best part of the deal here! Now I’m ready for summer and some tennis! Serena Williams WHO?! Jk … Xoxo Ss



Why This Rocks?!
Purchased at target for 12.99! Made by Champion C9. The fit is nice, the skirt is short but I like it like that. The material is comfortable stretchy and flattering! The shorts also stay put and don’t ride up which is a plus in my book!

Do we LOVE??

YES! I see these continuing to grace my fitness wardrobe quite a bit !

Winter Woes Workout



Hey Fit Friends

I don’t know about you but here in Chicago right about this time of year we are longing for summer. When the temperature was above freezing and the warm sun beckons you to go outside! In remembrance of that time I wanted to share an outdoor workout I did this past summer in the park! Who knows, it might bring that weather back sooner than we anticipated! Do the exercises one after another, try to do 2-3 sets of all exercises with a 30 second break between sets!! Enjoy!

We begin with
Alternating Reverse Lunges
10 on each side
Starting with the feet hip distance apart step back with your right foot keeping the heel off the floor, drop the right knee toward the ground, keep the knee under the hip, return to starting position, repeat on other side!


Spider-Man Push-up
5-7 on each side or to fatigue
Begin in plank position, lift one leg to hip height, bend elbows and bring lifted leg to the elbow, return to plank, repeat on other side!


Squat Jump
10-15 repetitions
Start with feet shoulder distance apart, squat with the hips pulling back and down, keep the knees over the toes as you sit, spring upward and jump straight up, try to land softly as you return to your squat, repeat one after another without breaks

Why This Rocks?!

Because it couples strength training with heart pumping plyometrics, incorporates bodyweight exercise, and challenges the whole body! Don’t be surprised when this workout has you huffing and puffing at the end!


1. How physical? 8

2. Calorie Burning? 8

3. Sweat Factor? 9

4. Coordination/Awareness? 6

5. Health Benefits? 8