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Tales of a Zumba ® Instructor: The Clothes



20130307-190225.jpgHi Fit Friends

As you probably know I’m a Zumba® Fitness Instructor! Every week I teach my classes and give my students a safe and effective workout with this amazingly fun format! I LOVE to dance and inspire people to a healthier them..but secretly, or not so secretly,one of my favorite things about this format is the clothes…. Aaaaaahh! There…I said it. I am a Zumba shopaholic ! I love it .. The colors, the style, altering the clothes. It is just so fun and funky and can make the class that much more fun! Take a look at some of my in class fashions!









Why it Rocks?!
Because Zumba® Fitness is all about the party and the party starts here! While its not necessary to wear the clothes to have a great time; it enhances the party atmosphere with fun, colorful, and creative outfits for both the student and instructor!

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New Workout Skirt!



Holy Retail Therapy Fit Friends
I was walking through target the other day and I saw the cutest workout skirts! In fun colors and contrasting shorts and the skirt was flouncy and I liked how forgiving it would be on the tush and thighs! Here’s the kicker I happened to see these awesome skirts in the GIRLS section …Le sigh… I am not ashamed to admit it … I am a small person (a triumphant 5’2″and a 1/2 thank YOU!) and sometimes if I get a kids large it will fit like a dream. For the reduced cost I say I’m getting the best part of the deal here! Now I’m ready for summer and some tennis! Serena Williams WHO?! Jk … Xoxo Ss



Why This Rocks?!
Purchased at target for 12.99! Made by Champion C9. The fit is nice, the skirt is short but I like it like that. The material is comfortable stretchy and flattering! The shorts also stay put and don’t ride up which is a plus in my book!

Do we LOVE??

YES! I see these continuing to grace my fitness wardrobe quite a bit !