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Living Your Fitness: physical activity



Hi Fit Friends

Recently, I was thinking about how we go through our lives. Everyday we wake up and do any number of things ( go to work, school, travel, run errands, make appointments,etc)! So many things to do, but, there are only so many hours in the day right ?
Right! So, how do we “fit” the fitness in??
Incorporate it in your day!

Schedule it: if you can consistently keep your workout time in your calendar you are more likely to get your workout in. Where can you fit in an hour? 30 minutes? 15 minutes? I like to encourage my clients to make it a part of their life just like brushing your hair or taking a shower … its just something you do.
Does that mean you have to go to a gym?? NO WAY! You can workout in your own home (videos, DVD, wii fitness games, yoga, calisthenics, etc).
I love to encourage participation in a group setting, whether a class or sport, groups keep people positively accountable because when you don’t show up other participants notice “missed you last week!” I don’t know how many times I have members tell me their vacation plans because they don’t want me to wonder why they weren’t in class! And you know what?! I LOVE IT! Plus, isn’t it fun to have fit friends who miss you and want to see your beautiful face?!


Use every opportunity to stay active in your everyday!
– Take the stairs
– Deliver in-office emails in person,
– Park further away and walk
– Take a walk during lunch or after dinner with friends, your spouse, or family!
– keep walking til the bus catches up with you rather than wait at the bus stop
– when you walk the dog add in bursts of speed to challenge yourself
– play a rowdy game of tag (or whatever) with your kids

These are just a few activities that can help you keep a fit lifestyle while still living your life. Which activities you choose is up to you … Find something that suits you, challenges you or that you enjoy and you are more likely to stick with it! Small life changes can make a BIG difference! Keep going, keep moving, keep Rockin’ on!!


Tales of a Zumba ® Instructor: The Clothes



20130307-190225.jpgHi Fit Friends

As you probably know I’m a Zumba® Fitness Instructor! Every week I teach my classes and give my students a safe and effective workout with this amazingly fun format! I LOVE to dance and inspire people to a healthier them..but secretly, or not so secretly,one of my favorite things about this format is the clothes…. Aaaaaahh! There…I said it. I am a Zumba shopaholic ! I love it .. The colors, the style, altering the clothes. It is just so fun and funky and can make the class that much more fun! Take a look at some of my in class fashions!









Why it Rocks?!
Because Zumba® Fitness is all about the party and the party starts here! While its not necessary to wear the clothes to have a great time; it enhances the party atmosphere with fun, colorful, and creative outfits for both the student and instructor!

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You can see more pics if you follow me on instagram (@symphomaniac), Facebook, or twitter @symphonysanders

Recipe: Summer salsa chicken


Grilled Chicken with Pineapple pico de gallo sides: Grilled Corn on the cob and zuchinni and yellow squash

SO EASY and delish!


Grill 2-4, 5oz Chicken Breast

Salt and pepper to taste (S&P)


Pico De Gallo:

1/2c pineapple

1/2 cup tomato

1/4 c red onion

Salt and Pepper (S&P)

1 Lime  (juiced)

1/4 tsp Chili Powder

1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper

Jump into July: Setting and Achieving your Fitness Goals


There are many reasons to start a fitness program; From trying to become fit or achieving a new level of fitness! No matter what the reason, NOW is the time to start. Its not to late to get that beach body, drop those last few pounds before your wedding, or even to heal your body. Summertime is the perfect time to start a workout regiment. The days are longer, the weather is more temperate, and the overall outlook on life is generally better which leads to a better attitude towards nutrition, health, body image and awareness.

We are going to use the month of July and parts of August to showcase the progress of different styles of workout and fitness programs, along with the qualities and benefits each program has. The participants we follow all have different strengths, weaknesses, body types, and goals.

Here are a few of the fitness programs we will be sharing and discussing

  • Bridal Boot camp
  • Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga
  • Cardio and Abdominal workouts
  • Longterm fitness regiments

Join us as we document the progress of Rocking Your Life Fit