Outdoor workout: just me & a bench



Good Morning Fit Friends
As the weather improves we migrate towards outdoor activities! As Chicagoans we celebrate every warm sunny day as if it were our last… and lets face it, you never know if it will rain, or snow, or sleet so you have to take advantage! I got out to do my first real outdoor strength training workout yesterday. It felt great to work outside and all I used was my body weight and a park bench! I did 2 sets of 10-12 reps of each exercise! Check it out!

Split Lunge


Make sure your knee stays over your ankle as you drop your back knee towards the ground. Keep the shoulders over the hips and core tight to maintain balance!

Decline Push-up

Hands are just wider than shoulders. Keep thighs, core and butt tight as you bend the elbows to lower towards the ground. Maintain your straight body position as you push back up and at the top pull one knee in between elbows. Repeat using alternating legs!

Bench V Crunch

20130515-063256.jpgHips toward the front of the bench. Squeeze the legs together as you lift the knees toward the shoulders. Drop feet toward the floor on your inhale while maintaining a tight core and not arching the back. Exhale to crunch and lift the legs to the starting position!

Step Up

With one foot staying on the bench, push thought the heel to stand on top. Slowly lower yourself back to starting position and land softly!

Triceps Dip

Sitting on the edge of the bench, fingers face forward, and arms are straight. Slide hips off the bench and start to lower body to floor until elbows bend to a 90 degree angle! Exhale to push up to the starting position!

Why this Rocks?!

Outdoor workouts are great… No gym or equipment is required .. Just you! Plus you can catch some rays, people watch and get a killer bod at the same time! Staying fit outside is not just fun and active, but also its FREE! You can’t be free am I right?! So soak up that vitamin D and get your workout on!! That’s pretty rockin’!! Xoxo Ss


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