Winter Woes Workout



Hey Fit Friends

I don’t know about you but here in Chicago right about this time of year we are longing for summer. When the temperature was above freezing and the warm sun beckons you to go outside! In remembrance of that time I wanted to share an outdoor workout I did this past summer in the park! Who knows, it might bring that weather back sooner than we anticipated! Do the exercises one after another, try to do 2-3 sets of all exercises with a 30 second break between sets!! Enjoy!

We begin with
Alternating Reverse Lunges
10 on each side
Starting with the feet hip distance apart step back with your right foot keeping the heel off the floor, drop the right knee toward the ground, keep the knee under the hip, return to starting position, repeat on other side!


Spider-Man Push-up
5-7 on each side or to fatigue
Begin in plank position, lift one leg to hip height, bend elbows and bring lifted leg to the elbow, return to plank, repeat on other side!


Squat Jump
10-15 repetitions
Start with feet shoulder distance apart, squat with the hips pulling back and down, keep the knees over the toes as you sit, spring upward and jump straight up, try to land softly as you return to your squat, repeat one after another without breaks

Why This Rocks?!

Because it couples strength training with heart pumping plyometrics, incorporates bodyweight exercise, and challenges the whole body! Don’t be surprised when this workout has you huffing and puffing at the end!


1. How physical? 8

2. Calorie Burning? 8

3. Sweat Factor? 9

4. Coordination/Awareness? 6

5. Health Benefits? 8


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